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45th Reunion Photo
45th Reunion 2017

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Latest News:

  • 45th Reunion Weekend, May 5-6, 2017

    The 45th saw some nice but lightly-attended events (see the 45th Reunion report), and we should now start thinking about our 50th reunion coming up in 2022 — only a few years away.

  • Athletic Shield Project (2012)
    1972 Class Shield

    The conspicuous absence the Class of 1972 Athletic Shield was finally addressed in 2012. A shield bearing the names of the varsity sport participants from our class was created years ago but mysteriously disappeared before it was ever displayed. When the collection of class shields was hung in the Dixon Athletic Center after the move to the new campus, a noticeable gap was left, awaiting the missing shields from the classes of 1972 and 1973. With assistance from the school, a new replacement shield was fabricated based on a modified version of the graphic design created for the 30th reunion. The new shield was unveiled at the 40th reunion dinner, and is now displayed along with all of the others.

Past Events:


Tony Ridgway
Mr. Muir
Mr. Muir
"The class of '72 - one of the most stimulating, most challenging, most satisfying and strongest classes that I have had the pleasure of working with. The reasons for this are as diverse as the boys [sic] in the class."
— Mr. John Muir
— Tony Ridgway
Esse Quam Videri
Valedictory Address
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of the remarkable
valedictory address.

Musical Connections:

Duck Soup logo

For those who might remember Duck Soup, the band that featured former class member and talented guitarist Jim Hayne and played at our senior year dance, they can be heard and seen once again on a new web site put together by drummer Bill Koepnick. Bassist Bill Hayward ('70) worked with John Senior ('72) at Elm Street Studios to recover and digitize the old tapes, and there are now over 85 tracks available to play from the site, as well as photos and even some video. Definitely a worthwhile trip down memory lane.

Jim Hayne
Jim Hayne
Cafe Ole logo

Cafe Ole—another band with deep local roots that featured our former classmates Scott Schotter (harmonica & sax) and Sam Crothers (guitar)—commemorated the passing of founding guitarist Ronnie Smith in October 2015 with the release of a special CD at a memorial concert held in December 2015. Bassist Bill Hayward ('70) worked with John Senior ('72) at Elm Street Studios to mix and master a live recording of Ron's final performance with the band at Ardmore Music Hall in December 2014.

Cafe Ole CD cover
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40th Reunion Photo
40th Reunion 2012

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35th Reunion Photo
35th Reunion 2007

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30th Reunion Photo
30th Reunion 2002

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15th Reunion Photo
15th Reunion 1987

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10th Reunion Photo
10th Reunion 1982

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Class Photo 1972
Class Photo 1972

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Class Photo 1968
Class Photo 1968

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