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Episcopal Academy Class of 1972

30th Reunion

30th Reunion Follow-Up

30th Reunion Photo
30th Reunion 2002

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It was indeed a Fabulous and Most Excellent Party!

Thanks to all who attended and participated in our best reunion yet. Special thanks to Ted and Lindsay Leisenring for hosting the event and coordinating the preparations, as well as to all the other people who generous efforts made the event a great success. We are looking forward to seeing all of you soon again, and certainly at the 35th.

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Historic Movie Offer

For anyone who is interested in obtaining a CD-ROM copy of the movie footage that Stephen Lewicki showed at the party, please contact Stephen directly .

30th Reunion Reflections

Read Dan Lundquist's "Jottings from the Party in the Pasture" and view some photos from the party here.

Hints and Highlights

Your Designated Driver
Your Designated Driver
Your Host
Your Host
Your Designated Driver
Party Animals
Special Guests
Your Lifeguards
Your Qualified Lifeguards
The pool and the spa
will be heated for
your enjoyment,
so bring your suits.

(Ask Ted & Lindsay
about the lifeguards...)
Vulcan logo
Special entertainment
produced by the
legendary Vulcan™ team.
Vulcan Agent E
Vulcan Agent E
A rare performance
by Auld Fiendz™
with special guests.
Just Plain Lewd
JPL circa 1972
Glimpses into the past
from rare movie footage
restored for this event.
(Special thanks SJL)
Lost in Time
Lunchtime Long Ago


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